Phase I

CWC Discipleship Program

  • CWC provides structured living and a safe environment for our residents, teaching a disciplined and independent way of life

  • Biblical curriculum

  • One-on-one biblical Counseling

  • Group addictions Counseling

  • OneWay group Meetings

  • Lifesong Ministries - life skills and preparation for job interviews: educate, encourage, empower

  • Community and volunteer outreach

  • Local church visits - building support systems for our residents

  • Parenting classes

  • Work program

  • Mentoring

  • Monthly evaluations

  • Random drug screenings

Phase II

CWC Discipleship Program  (Includes Phase 1)

  • Gearing toward job search

  • GED prep if needed

  • 24 hour passes

  • Job training program

Phase III

CWC Discipleship Program (Transitional Living)

  • CWC duplex - eligible to stay for up to 1 year with minimum 30 hours per week employment. Must pay nominal rent and utilities

  • Continued accountability and responsibilities - Monthly unscheduled inspections of duplex; present or not

  • Community and outreach - must be involved in a church with a minimum of weekly attendance

  • Must adhere to all policies and procedures of the CWC

The CWC Program

The Christian Women's Center W.O.W. program is a 12 month discipleship program that offers refuge to women in crisis, believing these women can be restored to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through the love of Christ.  The crisis could be abuse, prostitution, neglect, homelessness or any combination resulting from drug or alcohol addiction.  We help women achieve life change by demonstrating to them the love of Christ through unconditional love and acceptance.  We provide one-on-one biblical counseling, group addictions counseling, career readiness classes, health screenings, parenting instruction (as needed), life skills, Bible studies, opportunities to volunteer, wellness education/exercise and partnerships with community services for our residents.

The acronym, WOW, stands for Women of the Well and refers to the story of how Jesus met a woman at Jacob's well and told her everything she had ever done.  She was stunned that He would even talk to her.  Then, Jesus tells her He could offer her "living water" and she'll never go thirsty again.  The "living water" represented eternal life that she could only get through belief in Him.  She doesn't fully comprehend until He tells her that He is the promised Messiah! (John 4:4-30)

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If you or a loved one would like to be considered for our program, please call 770-227-3700 to complete your First Contact Form via a phone interview.  Please note that having a picture I.D. and Social Security card are required for all potential residents and must be presented at intake.  We also require a criminal background check that costs $20 (no exceptions).

Residents live in a dormitory style setting and are required to share household, cooking and cleaning responsibilities.  There is no phone contact with family or friends for the first 30 days.  Residents will be eligible to receive 2 to 4 hour passes after 4 months residency and 8 hour passes after 6 months.

There is no cost for our services. The proceeds from our thrift stores as well as donations and monthly support from businesses, individuals, families, churches, grants and civic organizations provide our financial needs.  We require family members provide minimal financial support for resident's prescription and non-prescription costs and postage for letters. 

Smoking is allowed with a maximum of 3 per day.  All cigarettes are stored and given out daily.  There are 3 scheduled smoke breaks per day. 

When you come for an intake, you should come prepared to stay.  You should bring

ONLY the items on the clothing list.  You may also bring personal hygiene items, pictures,

a Bible, journal, an MP3 player with approved music, stationery, stamps, favorite pens, 

approved books and a favorite pillow and blanket/throw.  If you don't have some of these

items, we will supply as needed. 


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