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Volunteer Opportunities


Bible Study Teachers/Facilitators – Must have minimum of two years, verifiable experience in a local church or ministry.  Bible studies must be approved by CWC staff. Volunteer should be available one day per week with a minimum six month commitment.


Creative Arts Volunteer – Works with Resident Service Staff in implementing various creative arts projects with residents. 


Health and Nutrition Volunteer – Coordinates with other volunteers and Resident Service Staff to assist residents with meal plans, exercise, and healthy eating habits. Volunteer would need some background in the Health and/or Nutrition field.


Health Care Volunteer – Provides medical, dental, counseling or nursing assistance to residents off-site. Must be licensed in field and insured accordingly.


Maintenance Volunteer – Will come at least one day per month with a minimum six month commitment to perform regular maintenance such as changing out light bulbs or batteries, painting, plumbing, electrical, etc. If performing any electrical or plumbing, must be licensed and insured. Volunteer must complete maintenance form for Executive office when providing service.


Lawn and Garden – Will assist with occasional lawn care (i.e. pine straw, weed control) and teach gardening skills to residents.


Mentor – Will attend mentoring gatherings to be available for natural mentoring relationships to form with residents by working with residents to study for G.E.D., Driver’s License, fill out Post-Secondary applications and FAFSA, etc.


Transportation Assistance - Residents need assistance with transportation to appointments, classes and sometimes work. Volunteer would work with Resident Services Staff to schedule.


Please note:  Due to the nature of our program, we carefully vet each volunteer applicant.  While we expect everyone to have the best of intentions, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.  


To print a volunteer application and supporting documents, please click the link.